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Team Monsoon

Team Monsoon in Battlebots VIITeam Monsoon is a UK-based robot combat team who compete at the highest international level in robot combat. They have competed in both Robot Wars (UK) and Battlebots (USA) with their heavyweight fighting robots, as well as fighting in many heavyweight live events in the UK. They also build smaller robots to fight in different weight classes.

Find out what goes into building a combat robot, and what it's like to compete against the very best in the world.


Team Monsoon are competing in Battlebots again! Filming for the BattleBots World Championship VII took place at Caesars Entertainment Studios in October 2022, and broadcasting of the new season began in January 2023. There are also plenty of clips on the Battlebots YouTube channel and even some full events, so why not have a look!

Click the button to read Monsoon's BattleBots VII fight reports after they've been broadcast - but not if you don't want spoilers!

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2022 Sponsors

Team Monsoon couldn't compete at the highest level without an amazing group of sponsors. For 2022, Monsoon's sponsors are AT&G Datanet, Armfield Engineering, Lyra Electronics, Trampa Boards Ltd, K Cut, Gens Ace, 3D FilaPrint.

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